Our popular story from old website

Since we deleted our old website, in order to preserve the story that led to the foundation of our website, I am presenting it here. Read it and enjoy

Today is 7th January 2012 when I am writing this in my website for all my readers. Nearly two years before I came to knew about chat rooms through one of my school friend. It was first time when I went to any chat room. I met a stranger in that Chat Room and I began my first ever chat there with that stranger. When I started my chat I never thought that the moment which i was spending during chat is going to be one of the most beautiful or precious moment in my life which I should define as "unforgettable" or "One of the sweetest memory in my life". She was a very simple, nice, decent and well mannered girl whom I luckily found well among 80-90 chatters as an stranger. During Chatting we discussed lot of things related to our life such as our lifestyle, about our friends, hobbies, likes-dislikes, about our families and much more. It turned out nearly 3 hours since we started our chat. Finally after getting well known to each other we decided to be friends. We both were equally surprised because of the fact that how well our thinking and manners complemented each other. Finally we decided to connect through social networking site in each others friendlist. The biggest surprising thing which I came to knew later was that even for her it was the first day in chat room. Our friendship grew more and more stronger with time. We continued to communicate through each other online and we shared each and every happy/sad moment with each other. Later we also shared phone numbers and we moved one step further in our relationship of friendship. Whatever problems came in our life, we shared, discussed and supported each other every time. Whenever we chatted, it was not just the exchange of words or voice in our communication but it was the exchange of feelings and emotions between two true friends.

Its nearly 2 years since then when we met each other. Our friendship is still strong and No doubt that we both got a true lifetime friend in the form of each other. Many times during chatting we discussed & praised that Chat Room which played such an important role in turning two complete strangers to best friends. It will make my readers smile If i say that even now when i am writing this note, I recieved 3 sms from her since i began my writing, believe it or not Its true. Everyone in his/her life needs a true friend. As per my experience in life I can say that a true friend can be found any where, even through the virtual world. That's the inspiration & happiness which made me to think about opening a Chat Room. Its been 6 months since I am trying to open a chat room and after a lot & lot of struggle finally I am success to open a Chat Room of my own. Due to higher studies now-a-days I am not getting sufficient time to Chat but whenever Its possible I try to enter my chat room, it really gives a lot of satisfaction and pleasure to watch friends chatting happily in groups in my Chat Room. Thats the main thing for what I tried to open a Chat Room. Few things I wish to achieve through my chat room which are as follows:

  • My Chat Room is an English Chat Room for all English speaking countries so that users can learn good communication in English along with fun of Chatting.
  • I want to create a decent, friendly and happily chatting environment for Chatters all over the world. It should be a means of recreation along with friendly and helpful environment. It will mainly give rise to unity and love between users from different parts of the world.
  • I want to create a platform where every user should feel free to share his knowledge, thoughts and messages during Chatting. Although moderators and admins are there to guard against spammers and abusers. But It will surely boost general knowledge of users as they will come to know about various places, traditions, lifestyles, festivals, clothing etc. during Chatting with other chatters.

I am sure I will be able to achieve my target but I need a small support from all the Chatters of my Chat Room. Its my request to all of you that please be decent and respectful towards everyone who is present in Chat Room. If possible then try to invite your friends too so that they may join you and other Chatters which in turn will also encourage me to bring more and more facility for my Chat Room users. Please Don't forget to read the Rules Section before entering the Chat Room. If you face any problem or you want to say anything to me then feel free to go to contact us section to write your words to me. Thanks for Reading my words. Enjoy Chatting and If you dont have any true friend yet, try to find your true friend here. I am sure you will get it. Nothing is impossible. All the best!!